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Can Autonomous vehicle stop accidental issues?

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As one of the major concerns in roads has been accidents due to harsh driving, lousy driving, or not with proper attention. Meet the deadlines or catch an emergency flight often lead us to a different journey.

Affecting the people on the road or the passengers or even the driver. The term reckless driving is quite often seen as a major reason for an inevitable situation for both parties. The autonomous vehicle has been considered as a gift to avoid such scenarios.

1. A mobile phone or computer can be used for controlling cars, such as instructing the car to let you be driven to work or finding a parking space or be driven to home back when it is available to other people. Controlling remotely and without people, it is been driven allowing the car to be in use for more people. As shown in the below figure: –

Autonomous vehicle

2. Driving safety is contributed to these systems where computers react faster and from traffic, it is not turning away. Distraction is due to Human error, e.g. by passengers, other drivers, mobile phones, or mood swings, such as fatigue, boredom, or drunkenness so that it can be reduced. In the below figure, wireless communication shows how autonomous vehicles can be helpful.

Autonomous vehicle

3. The expectation with an autonomous vehicle is that it can reach the destination faster due to real-time information via communication between vehicles and between vehicles and the infrastructure. Also, the acceleration with optimization and with available braking leads to more environmentally friendly driving with less fuel. As shown in the figure below.

Autonomous vehicle

Source:- Predicting consumer’s intention

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