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Who were the top car apps in 2020?

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So what do we know about the Autonomous car? The super sexy driverless system. The super-savvy designs and concepts are equipped with techy gadgets. But what about the car apps?

The futuristic vehicles are on everyone’s list. But what about the cool apps to operate the vehicle in a magnetified way. Are the customers finding it reliable? Is it needy? Or just there inside the car?

As per IHS Markit, the top 5 app- integrated platforms for the cars are:-

  1. Apple CarPlay
  2. Android Auto
  3. MirrorLink
  4. Aha by Harman
  5. Smart device Link/Ford Applink
  6. Baidu Carlife
  7. GM App Framework

The market is dominated by Apple and Android apps. It will also be interesting to see whether Apple can play the same magic with the autonomous vehicle as they have done with digital products.

The futuristic vehicle is something everybody eyeing but can Apple create the same class of group it created with its phone.

The concept was expensive and it was one of the luxury products to own. It also shows the status. It created a small segment of the group who were able to afford such technology or buy it again once the product is launched again.

So, it’s gonna be expensive also if they just choose a particular group of people but can they recreate with their Apple autonomous car?

Exceptionally Tesla did create a brand to have it in your garage or backyard. But is it possible to recreate the craze among the fan for an AV where the launch attracts millions of fans?

Source:- Statista

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