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How about car parking itself?

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One of the best car drivers is the one who knows to park smartly and efficiently in the car parking space. Well of use have face the challenge to park our car conveniently for ourselves as well as for others.

But the success rate is very low. Sometimes the wrong parking gets the car crashed in the back wall or not placed long the marked boundary. So how about technology handle the issue and elegantly remove the problem with just a command to park itself?

So how Autonomously driven vehicles can solve the issues?

The automobile companies like Ford Kuga are working on an electric vehicle with a self car park system. The concept is proving the turning point in the driving world where the car is parked without any assistance and for a very short distance, it can be the best thing you can have in your car.

The multi-storey car parking with the AVP-2 (Automated valet parking) technology. It is considered to be less complicated and cheaper than any other self-driving technology. The driver assistance system in the car is designed with several cameras and transmitters. The vehicle is digitally controlled and guided from the outside.

Kopernikus Automotive demonstrates futuristic car parking in collaboration with TU Braunschweig. In an autonomous driving system, the receiver of the digital commands is primarily the vehicle.

A similar approach was used by VW Passat B8 with a petrol engine for self-parking with AVP-1(Automated valet parking) technology with more sensor technology. Mainly the car operates from its digital map of space and routes stored memory.

The services in the automobile industry also show that S-Class or the EQS from Mercedes are also planning to install the AVP-2 technology due to fewer complications.

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