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How EU companies are prioritizing connected cars?

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The European countries are also prioritizing the connected cars as the other nations from the western part of the world. The EU car companies are placing importance in R&D includes offering services or even considering the core companies.

In 2015, a survey conducted by PAC shows the various result among the EU car companies and the opinions or the features the connected cars want to prioritized: –

Priorities of EU car companies for connected cars

The top offerings by the EU car companies in connected cars are: –

Top services offered by EU car companies in connected cars

Surprisingly the trend of connected cars became so popular, many of them thought it to be a core competency for car companies around the world. However, as per the survey of EU car companies, 16% believed it to be not true at all and around 9 to 10% moderately accepted the situation. The future only can say whether connected cars can become one of the core competencies or not.

The connected car services also seem to be popular but somehow the EU car companies don’t agree the service be so popular trend among the customer. Well, the current COVID situation is altering the game of the automobile industry and it made a huge loss or a great impact on the automobile industry. But how much is true?

2% of the EU car companies don’t believe it to be a popular trend but around 19% completely agreed to be a popular trend among the EU car companies.

In my opinion, the trend is popular. But now how much companies will invest in such connected cars. And will it turn out to be a profit margin in the long-term prospect is something a clear share of risk among the car companies.

Can connected cars attract the exclusive luxury class service in the EU? 57% of them said No, believes that they cannot be marketed for the exclusive luxury class. I think that connected cars automatically became a segment for economic class people.

Source:- Statista

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