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How interested Germans are in connected cars?

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The interest in connected cars can be seen from the last 8 years among the Germans. As per a survey by eMarketer, the number of connected cars in Germany from 2013 was in millions. There is a steady rise in the projected number from 1.7 million to 7.3 million in connected cars. A very open market for automobile manufacturers.

One of the important features of connected cars is the internet function where the flow of information is smooth. The survey shows that in-car WLAN hotspot connections users in Germany are quite less as expected. Only 42.3 % of the German users are interested whereas more than 50% are not interested in an in-car WLAN hotspot connection.

It is quite surprising, being one of the tech-savvy countries and pioneered in automating the whole industry or automobile sectors. More than 50% not interested in an in-car WLAN hotspot may be to do with privacy or security. Since the security and privacy are two major issues or hurdles that is observed to be an obstacle in the path of connected cars.

In another survey by ADAC, in 2013, the German use or awareness of connected cars are projected and categorized in different age groups.

Interest categorized among the Germans in connected cars.

It clearly shows the enthusiasm or pulls towards new technology that can be seen among the German youth. More than 55% of the German youth heard of connected car services whereas the number is way below for people falling in the age group of 50 or above.

The number is pretty high for the youth who already experienced connected cars. Pretty sure with the latest trends, the number will be high even now.

The figure indicates a stronghold with the connected cars. The market will sustain the trend in long term. As we can see, the pattern has been merged with EVs. So the automobile industries are not far away from providing services with different fuels.

In another survey by ADAC,

Interest in connected car services (2013)

The interest level is quite high. The German market shows good opportunity and a strong interest among the consumer for connected car services with one or two undeniable obstacles.

Source:- Statista

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