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Do you know the security concerns Italian think about connected cars?

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The major issue with data and its security concerns and systems in Italy is a huge concern in connected cars.  As per FIA, around 56% of Italian drivers agreed to access the vehicle data for a limited period whereas 20% of them agreed to permanent use of the vehicle data.

It’s kind of no issues with data access in Italy. In comparison to some of the European countries, Italy is open to access the vehicle data and there is no objection.

However, the local consumer shared their various concerns related to connected cars, as per TNS Sofres, the potential misuse of data or even potential source of the fault is the major concern identified among the Italians.

Connected cars in Italy

One major concern which took my interest is the enjoyment you feel in driving.

Yes indeed!

A lot of us like to enjoy driving or go for long rides to relax, rejuvenate or experience the thrill and enjoy life. But in AVs, it is going to be taken away. Are we sure or ready to go for a complete reshaping of the vehicle models, where there is no option to drive by yourself?

Will it be enjoyable to not have control of the steering wheel anymore? Or experience the thrill of driving at a higher speed. It is undoubtedly a joyful skill to learn.

What about the companies? What do Italian consumers think about which companies produce autonomous cars in Italy?

Italian thoughts about companies to produce Connected cars.

Telecommunication companies have not yet entered the market. Even though a major sharing of information will be done through their services. Would you like to see any telecom companies launching an Av on the road?

Source:- Statista (connected cars in Italy)

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