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What were the public perceptions about connected cars in the UK?

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Have you ever thought or wondered about the public perception of connected cars in Europe 6 years ago? Was there any likelihood about such connected cars? Any awareness or knowledge?

Was it only among the automobile companies? Was there any awareness or interest among the public or the society in Europe?

A survey by Transportation Research Institute shows that 13.9% got very positive perceptions of autonomous vehicles in the UK in 2014 whereas 2.5% of the public has a very negative perception about connected cars in Europe. The highest positivity among the European public towards self-driving vehicles was recorded as 38.3%.

The result is quite optimistic and an interest among the general public to try out something new.

The top concerns about issues related to self-driving cars in the UK in 2014 are:-

Top issues related to connected cars in the UK

In my opinion, some concerns are genuine and in that period it was genuinely a new concept. Even today, a vehicle without a driver is something beyond imagination. The main target of such vehicles is to minimize accidents but how genuine it is in reality? The fear persists.

Security issues or hacking issues is something till now the world of internet is fighting and not a single permanent solution has been out in the world. How can they solve it completely in the real world with driving vehicles? The expensive cost or additional costs to tackle such issues raises the concern, is it worth it?

Source:- Statista

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