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What is playing important in connected car manufacturing?

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Technology is important in connected cars. It is just not designing but also the concept of innovation. The newer imagination and ideas can lead to new strengthening the import or export of knowledge from that particular country.

The innovation strength of car manufacturing from different countries in 2018: –

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The survey shows that Germany is performing more strongly in the innovation area in car manufacturing among most of the countries.

The next which is demanding among the youth are the apps. So, it conquers the automobile car market also. The sales number for app integration platforms for the car in 2020: –

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As per a survey by Strategy&, the market for connected car services in 2025 is going to be a billion-dollar market. In the USA, the market volume to be 12.2 billion US dollars, in Europe 8.2 billion dollars, and China 11.1 billion dollars value.

However, in 2030, the major increase in the market volume of connected car manufacturing is in China. In China, the market volume is going to rise to 3 times. It is expected to hit the number around 37 billion dollars. Whereas in the USA, 22.1 and Europe 14-billion-dollar volume.

The distribution of global deliveries of connected cars by countries across the world are: –

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It shows that China is rising high in comparison to any other European or even Asian country.

Source:- Statista (Trends in der Automobilindustrie)

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