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How digitalized Deutsche Bahn is in Germany?

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Do you want to be part of the futuristic autonomous local trains run by the Deutsche Bahn? The first digital S-Bahn was launched in Germany.

The autonomous local trains launched with the drivers provide the support to monitor the network system. The drivers will not just be to assist the local train to only start, brake, open or close doors of the Bahn.

The Deutsche Bahn ( The railway industry in Germany) planning to go for digital driving by the 2030s. All trains and lines around Hamburg will be equipped digitally with a total of 800 million euros investments.

The world premiere of the digital S-Bahn by the Deutsche Bahn CEO Richard Lutz stated that the focus in saving 30 percent of the energy in the transport sector. The project is teamed up with Siemens to digitalize its operation. The digital S-Bahn is the first project in Germany.

Nevertheless, the efforts are consistent with the largest investment and long-term planning. The digitalizing of the local trains used by the commuters do sustainably impact the world.

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) in Germany is also operating its first autonomous bus lines in Bad Birnbach. The concept is creating green mobility in different cities as well as in rural areas.  The small electric bus is quiet and environmentally friendly with an attendant to intervene in an emergency.

Deutsche Bahn logistic provider is also involved in networked trucks and platoons in real-world conditions. In Trucks also the focus is to reduce fuel consumption and boost efficiency.

The DB Schenker teamed with a Swedish startup known as Einride Pod. The company is working on a fully autonomous truck for commercial operations. The autonomous electric truck is operating without any driver but can be controlled remotely.

Source:- Deutsche Bahn

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