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Autonomous vehicles for DoorDash labs

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It’s not just the commercial vehicle segment for the passenger, but AVs can fill the gap that most sectors are trying to solve uniquely. Well, we know about the last-mile delivery problems and the thrust to reduce the time eagerly.

DoorDash is pointing toward reducing the middle mile issues to provide better solutions and services to the customers.

In November 2021, Doordash hinted at automating the middle mile, thereby reducing individual efforts for delivery and the ability for Dashers to fulfill more orders.

In June 2022, DoorDash filed patent applications for autonomous vehicles. The storage compartment should be able to support the perishable goods.

The application includes a sensor module for data receiving, such as audio, video, radio waves, and backscattered light waves for navigation in the AVs. The data processing is with an onboard computer for navigating it alongside the motor vehicle and pedestrian routes.

“DoorDash Labs’ goal is to develop and implement robotics solutions that complement the Dasher community, increase efficiency in our overall network, and result in a more efficient, improved experience for all audiences DoorDash serves,” a spokesperson said in an email to Restaurant Dive. 

DoorDash is already in partnership with Starship Technologies, ground delivery robot maker Marble, and General Motor’s Cruise Automation.

In 2019, the company acquired Scotty Labs and Chowbotics 2021. In 2019, two patents for AVs were filed.

DoorDash labs are preciously looking for a “hub-to-hub model” where orders are collected in places with high merchant density, like a shopping mall or DashMart. The orders would be conveyed by a robot in a consumer hub for delivery drivers to pick up the orders at the endpoint.

“With DoorDash and its competitors continuing to face issues related to recruiting and retaining drivers who earn less per order due to skyrocketing gas prices, delivery bots could supplement drivers.”

Well, in the current scenario of competitive prices, robots will play a crucial role, but they should not get overused. However, will there be any rules for the machines to not get overused? It needs to be seen in the future.

Source: restaurantdive

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