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What driver assistance systems are involved in an autonomous vehicle?

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Autonomous Brake Control, Electronic Stability Program, and Autonomous Distance Control are some important features in the driver assistance system.

Autonomous Brake Control- Mitigating or avoiding collision is one of the important functions needed in a vehicle safety function. Time-To-Collision is employed by the AEB system so that the potential danger can be measured to analyze the obstacle’s impact.

The braking system can be activated by the AEB where the desired threshold indicates that the TTC is smaller. The braking with the mentioned threshold TTC is designed depending on assuming road friction where it needs to be a constant. At any time, the actual road condition is intricate and changed.

Electronic Stability Program- The offer is provided for small cars or premium vehicles where the driver is supported by all critical driving solutions with an ideal brake control system.

The antilock braking system is the function that comprises the traction control system where the skidding movements can be detected to counteract actively to improve driving safety. The function is provided with a different portfolio from different companies such as Bosch where it is available for all range of cars and up to light trucks. 

Autonomous Distance Control- The speed of the vehicle is maintained at a safe, pre-determined distance where the vehicles are traveling in the same direction with an automatic system.

The vehicle is allowed to slow down with the ACC systems as another vehicle is approaching ahead and again accelerated so that the speed is preset whenever the traffic is allowed. The driver safety is impacted positively with the effectiveness of ACC where the traffic congestion has the potential to be reduced by the distance adjustment in between the vehicles according to the conditions.

In the case of intelligent cars, it can be a promising key component in the autonomous driving environment. 

Failures from different classes are defined in autonomous driving systems where the aim is to perform activities that are performed automatically in case of any failure and it depends upon the failure effect that can have a possibility of severity.

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