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How do Italians feel about autonomous cars?

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The market is booming with new driverless cars. The western world is totally into driving the vehicle on the road without a driver. So, how about Italians? Is the Italian market open for autonomous cars?

In 2016, a survey conducted by TNS Sofres stated that 79% of Italians absolutely agree with autonomous cars being true in the coming future.

The possible activities Italians are interested in with autonomous car shows Entertainment being their first choice. Some of them would like to take the opportunity to talk with fellow passengers or take a nap without having the hassles or tension to think about driving the autonomous car.

Driverless cars in Italy

But what about the drivers? Are they interested? Do they think it will be interesting to watch a vehicle on the road without them? A high probability of job loss or even stiff competition among the drivers in the market when the vehicles needed drivers to become limited.

In 2016, Around 65% of the Italian drivers found it quite interesting whereas 35% are not at all interested.

It is surprising to see, even more than 50% of the Italian drivers are excited and not in a worry or tension zone. No negativity can be seen among them. It is quite interesting.

Source:- Statista

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