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What factors led to the technological advancement of AVs in the electric vehicle segment?

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The key factors in the advancement of the AVs in the electric vehicle segment are: –

  1. Integration is easy: – The driverless cars are a gift of the multiple sensors working together with proper signal communication to make the best of it to turn the traditional vehicle into self-driving capability. However, it relies heavily on electrical subsystems and advances computing hardware. The features make it an easy integration opportunity for autonomous to drive on an electric car rather than ICE. Hence the more suitable power generating supplies are electric vehicle’s high voltage batteries. It also provides ample freedom in designing new AV driving features.
  2. Controlling component: – If we compare the electric vehicle and the internal combustion engine in moving pieces. It can be seen that electric vehicles got only – the battery, inverter, and the electric motor, whereas the ICE got about 2000 small pieces for lubrication for fear of breaking. Hence, the electric vehicle is less complicated as compared to its counterpart.
  3. Collective market maturation: – The present market scenario of EV and AV is quite similar. As both of them are in the early innovator phase in the product stage. The collective development of the two technologies can be seen together to reinforce and be launched in the mainstream market by 2030.   
  4. Ridesharing: – The market of not owning your fleet but riding on a sharing basis has generated and been accepted widely among the larger consumer. With transparency on their app and communication and well-secured safety ensure that the growing change in people’s mindsets is not just been noticed by companies like Uber, Lyft, and Nutomy. But also, giant automakers such as BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Honda, and Ford are focusing on launching autonomous electric vehicle fleets.
  5. Eco-friendly: – It is no doubt that the world has been advancing on a rapid scale but also needs to focus on setting the environmental balance. It needs to focus on sustainable goals and has been approved by hybrid and pure electric vehicles, it is attainable. The eco-friendlier it is, the more saving on the environmental scale.
  6. Easy to recharge: – Having the latest AV at your place but needs to go and stand in the queue to get it to fuel up. How about having the facility of recharging it at your home place or your workplace? Electric AV provides you with the facility to recharge and charge your car at your convenience pace.
  7. Low maintenance: – Compare to the ICE, the electric autonomous vehicle will be with less maintenance. The electric vehicle is designed with a smaller number of driving features as compare to the internal combustion engine.

In my opinion, the combination is not doubted one of the future goals of every automobile company. Today or in the future, AVs will also drive in the electric path to make it more enhance and it is much easier and with less complication to achieve a full level 5 autonomy on your autonomous vehicle.

Do you agree or disagree with the following summarised points? Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Source:- Statista In-depth eMobility

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