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Comparison of the European market to the USA market on 4D Lidar sensor technology

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The two major markets of the world when it comes to technology and innovation in a variety of technical fields. 4D Lidar sensor technology is the latest and the most important in the autonomous car industry.

So, let’s compare the growth of the market of USA to the Europe:-


  • Ford, and GM automakers are mostly focused on camera and radar autonomy.
  • Waymo, Apple, Uber, and Amazon Zoox are some of the leading big tech firms as a leader in Lidar-based autonomy. Waymo already covers 20 million miles with lidar-centric sensors.
  • Groups like the PAVE coalition are cautious about rapid deployment before any testing.
  • Large ecosystems of Lidar startups like Luminar, Aeva, and Ouster are highly competitive in the market.
  • However, the federal funding is less in driving research than the European companies.
  • A light touch approach taken by NHTSA to AV regulations.
  • Hand-free highways do not require the need for Lidar.
  • A light initiation and technology-neutral stance are seen by the NHTSA and DOT on AV regulation so far. Future policies are predicted to adopt lidar.
  • If everything goes well, 4D lidar can be in robotaxis and shuttle services in structured environments before its consumer expansion services.

If we look into Europe, it is considering a more conservative and regulated approach to autonomous driving adoption especially with 4D lidar, seen as a major safety component.

Both the European and the US markets are ambitious and eagerly working on scaling down the production and costs of advanced lidar sensors through the 2020s.


  • Autonomous driving research is attracting more government funds mainly on lidar sensors.
  • BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen are the major automakers to pursue lidar-based autonomy.
  • Urban robotaxi also focuses on the safety value of 4D lidar.
  • Valeo, Bosch, and Blickfeld firms are an advanced lidar hardware and manufacturing companies.

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