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How about an Auto manufacturer and network security in partnership?

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Ford and Cisco.

Ford is keen on making its mark in the electric autonomous vehicle market. A major issue of AVs or driverless cars is facing security issues. However, Ford is keen on addressing the issue with Cisco technology.

With the initial use of V2X technology, the current automotive industry got completely reshaped towards a more futuristic way of operating the autos and making it available in a more commercial way for the passengers.

The sharing of information about traffic and road conditions played a crucial role to improve the safety of cars and make more efficient navigation letting autonomous cars be more connected to cities, other cars, third-party services, and companies.

The only issue is the compromising of the autonomous machines due to the huge level of connectivity letting the car become a victim to extremely high and unknown dire consequences or threats that are yet unfamiliar to us.

Even though the cost is more to use an enterprise-clas network vendor but the benefits seem to be more rather than working it by yourself. So are the expert’s opinions.

As per Datamation “ Cisco could better assure both the security and throughput of the networking elements Ford plans to put in the car. Rather than learn the hard way, which most automakers will likely do, Ford is learning from the market leader in enterprise networking that knows, institutionally, far more about securing wired and wireless networks than anyone in the automotive industry.”

“Cisco is well penetrated in both the operations side of companies like Ford and most cities worldwide.”

It will allow better V2X performance in future vehicles by Ford. As Cisco is the leader in network security, the quality and resulting speed of the network cannot be questioned.

The target set by Ford’s electric autonomous car is in the 2025-2026 timeframe.

“Ford’s use of Cisco for the critical networking component of these coming vehicles was inspired and should result in far fewer related problems for their cars over competitive offerings.”

“Cisco to solve the networking and security exposures that will surround this new class of increasingly autonomous vehicles.”

The partnership assures a new class of autonomous vehicles in the passenger market.   

Source: Datamation 

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