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How AV market can be supported?

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The global market value for self-driving vehicles is around $42 billion, capable of piloting through highway and traffic jams. It is projected that around 15% of the total cars sold in 2035 will be partially autonomous vehicles and 10% fully autonomous cars. The AV market is a billion-dollar value.

The countries competing with the latest embedded technologies are The Netherlands, Singapore, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Microsoft: The approach taken by the company is different from the focus on technology development.

The aim is to design and support the technology or the software system and collaborate with other carmakers to implement autonomous technologies.

The popular Microsoft solutions used in cars are the Azure cloud platform, Office 365, and the windows operating system. The software is provided to companies like Ford, Kia, BMW, Nissan, and Fiat.

Argo AI: An independent company with a $1 billion investment from Ford Motor Company was established in 2017.

The main idea behind the company is to develop its self-driving technology for other companies starting with fleet-based services such as Robo-taxis and delivery firms.

The Argo AI’s exterior is AI-equipped vehicles with a combination of sensors such as LiDARs, RADARs, and cameras. The distance locating of objects by LiDAR where the depth perception is with cameras. It is speculated that until 2016-2031, self-driving passenger cars won’t be released.

Nuro: Two ex-Google engineers established the company in 2016. The company is working on an autonomous solution for the last-mile and local delivery services.

The aim is to deliver millions of people with their groceries and other goods on time by autonomous vehicles instead of making trips to the store and potentially reduce traffic.

The driverless R1 pod is designed with compartments for goods to be delivered to homes. Nuro’s second-generation vehicle, R2 has been approved a regulatory exemption from the US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with a custom battery solution for all-day operation.


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