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How car-sharing and ride-sharing are connected?

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As with the speed of invention and technology, time is making us move forward with a new innovative concept where the existing models can be redefined with better utilization and provide ease for the commuters. Two such concepts are “Car-sharing” and “ride-sharing”, the goal is reducing the cost of travel far less than any other service available with more efficiency.

The car-sharing model is defined as renting a car for people where for a shorter period of time it can be rented, customarily in hours. Ridesharing is defined as sharing the same third-party car by multiple simultaneously such as UberPool.

In 2015, round about 86,000 car-sharing was operating for 5.8 million users. But, how about introducing the service with an autonomous vehicle. Isn’t it going to be a luxury option for the passengers at a significantly lesser cost were to experience a self-driving car that can be done without the hassle of owning it? So, is it possible to speculate that car-sharing and ride-sharing can be cheaper than traveling on the train?

In any situation, commuting cost is a major factor and as per The Boston Consulting Group study, results show that the train is cheaper than commuting in a single passenger traditional car. In addition, an autonomous vehicle is owned by a single person is expensive to travel.

But introducing Autonomous vehicles in car sharing or ride sharing mode has the potentiality to reduce the cost however the acceptance of such vehicles among mass is something questionable? Can you imagine riding or sharing an autonomous vehicle is easy to comprehend and how it will be monitored?

Will there be a driver to assist the whole process and how much he should be paid for such a service? Will he be considered as a contributor and if you have a driver in an autonomous car then what’s the fun or experience of the adventure without a driver? How the payment will be considered or will that be automated and without the option to pay cash on the spot?

As for myself, experiencing car-sharing or ride-sharing through Uber or Ola gives doubt or fear of trust that should I try a vehicle without any driver. One part of myself is thrilled to experience the ride as being joy and something possible only in fiction but another part thinks about the hazards including misusing, mishandling, or taking advantage of such a situation. Well, it is uncertain and the future will always be? What do you think? What’s your opinion?

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