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How Depots can be digitalized?

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Autonomous is on the rise, not just passenger cars but buses, trucks and now Trams have been selected to go into a revolutionized changed in the form of an Autonomous Tram. Time for Depots to be digitalized.

Yes, long gone those days when traveling in the traditional tram was fun. The next generation will be delighted to experience something unique with a fully autonomous tram, focus on being environmentally friendly and safe in dealing.

The project is aiming at the full automation of tram depot with digital depot operations. The project has been undertaken by the Siemens Mobility GmbH with Codewerk and Mapillary digital map.

AStriD is the biggest milestone for autonomous trams to automate time-consuming shunting operations in the depot and make the customer experience better to ensure sustainable value creation. The legal and economic issues of the project will be analysed by IKEM.

Mapillary supports the project with a cloud-based online platform to collect street images and information relevant for the data to analyse with artificial intelligence and provide a processed digitalized map.

The role of maps is not just limited to people reaching a particular destination but also needed by autonomous vehicles to find their routes. The expertise of Mapillary in analyzing images of public space is helpful to enable the tram to recognize the route and surrounding understanding autonomously which is a breakthrough for any kind of autonomous vehicle or autonomous tram.

The project of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is going to fund the program for three years.

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