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How important are the Test fields?

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As per a news article by Automobil Industrie, the institute of Transportation Systems Technology, DLR opened its A39 motorway test track route near Braunschweig (Germany) where 71 masts with recording technology have been installed. 

The situation helps them to be provided with a huge amount of the entire traffic flow of data that can be recorded and analyzed. The tested field also provides an opportunity for automated and networked vehicles.

As we are moving into the autonomous vehicles’ region, the traffic situation is a major challenge to understand. Understanding the situations related to threading and overtaking maneuver can help to overcome the gap in the knowledge in order to overcome such a traffic situation.

The database is able to provide a highly accurate map and simulation for the entire route. The motorway is able to enable tests that can be carried out on different locations and different sorts of roads.

It provides the masts to communicate with each equipped vehicle appropriately and also mobile variants are installed in addition to the masts.

The project is sponsored by DLR Institute for Transportation Systems Technology and the State of Lower Saxony, the other core partners are ADAC Niedersachsen/Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., Continental, IAV, Nordsys, Oecon Products & Services, Siemens, Volkswagen and Wolfsburg AG.

Source:- DLR

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