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Is Audi e-Tron more efficient in future?

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The E-Tron electric car introduced by Audi at the beginning of the year is being updated. After the software adaptation, the battery-SUV is going to be more efficient with optimized hardware expecting to provide a range of up to 25 kilometers. Due to the technology upgrade, the newly produced cars will be benefited and thereby a revised model can be ordered in Europe.

According to the WLTP cycle, the Audi e-Tron 55 Quatro drives with a charged battery can provide a range of up to 436 kilometers, as the electric car started with a range of 411 kilometers. Due to the introduction of new wheel brakes, the residual braking torque has been reduced by the developers as it was causing the losses to the brake disc by the proximity of brake calipers.

The focus has been put more on improving the efficiency of e-Tron’s driving system. The rear axle’s engine also ensures propulsion during normal driving as a standard. Optimization has caused the front electric motor to be almost decoupled and de-energized.

When the driver is demanding more power than only both motors are used. According to the developers, the asynchronous motor is more effective when it is running without current and electricity which drag losses.

The cooling system is also improved by Audi engineers. As they state: “The highly flexible thermal management system, which consists of four separate circuits, has been revised and makes the high-voltage components even more efficient.

The volume flows in the coolant circuit has been reduced, so that the pump consumes less electricity.” Further rapid charging has been allowed by the cooling system. Long battery life and reproducing performance at high loads.

Also, the high voltage battery got a usable range which is increased in the e-Tron 55 Quattro. The 95KWh battery provides net energy of 86.5 KWh. Audi states that the consumption of the combined power is from 26.4-22.4 KWh/100 Km. The e-Tron 55 Quattro remains at an unchanged price of 80,900 euros.

Addition innovation is the introduction of S -line exterior package for the e-Tron 55 Quattro. It includes 20-inch wheels and a sports air suspension. The bumper is flanked by the larger “Air Curtains” which are designed to improve the airflow. The radiator grille is adorned by an S-line emblem which is illuminated by the door panels with the S logo.

In respect to the base, the S line exterior is painted in the same color as the body which includes wheel arch trims, sills, bumpers, and exterior mirrors. In addition to this, an optional optics package is included with black accents in the single-frame area, on the side windows, and on the bumper. The mirror caps are available in the exterior end in black.

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