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Is Vietnam in support of Autonomous vehicles?

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The prospect of the AV market has become so intensified and rivalry that countries across the world are eyeing the result and finally get to see Autonomous cars on the road.

The major challenges are traffic signals and signboards. The tackling of such traffic signals is something that needs to be done in a strategic manner so that Autonomous cars can smoothly navigate and operate the route.

However, in Asian countries, the problem is the traffic and pedestrian rules are not followed strictly as in western countries.

The arising situation of allowing driverless vehicles in such a situation is not just dangerous to the passengers but also another car passenger too. The situation is often seen with code signals to be passed on among the drivers.

As per the local newspaper Giao Thong Van Tai (Transport), the ministry of transport from Vietnam is eagerly supporting the development of driverless cars in alignment with the strategy of the government on the fourth industrial revolution development.

FPT Software, a local technology firm is allowed to operate the driverless cars on a trial basis on the internal road in a high-tech park in Ho Chi Minh City. The specialized unit is mainly in the development of automotive applications.

As per the report, driverless cars can run at a speed of 25Km per hour with automatic brakes and avoid obstacles.

The driverless car is a combination of various techniques so that the surroundings can be perceived with radar, laser light, GPS, odometry, and computer vision.

In my opinion, once the rules are set for driverless cars, it may automatically help others to follow the rules stringently and with more development in the future, the autonomous vehicle can be seriously be adapted in society and also in daily life.

Source:- AVs in Vietnam

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