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What is the latest happening in the self-driving market?

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The latest happenings in the self-driving vehicle market are:

  • General Motors’s Cruise is a self-driving unit that launched a commercial robotaxi service in San Francisco. The service is available to a limited number of riders and is expected to expand in the coming months.
  • Alphabet’s Waymo, a self-driving unit, has tested its autonomous vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona, since 2016. The company was launched with a plan for commercial robotaxi service in Phoenix in 2023.
  • Ford and Argo AI, a self-driving startup announced by both as a partnership, will be shut down. Ford will continue developing its self-driving technology in-house.
  • Tesla is facing scrutiny over its Autopilot driver assistance system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated several accidents involving Tesla vehicles on Autopilot.
  • The US House of Representatives passed a bill creating a regulatory framework for deploying self-driving vehicles. The bill is also being considered by the Senate.

The notable developments in the self-driving vehicle market are:

  • Chinese companies have invested heavily in self-driving vehicle technology. Baidu, Huawei, and Alibaba are developing their own self-driving cars and robotaxi services.
  • Self-driving trucks are also gaining traction, with companies such as TuSimple and Waymo developing autonomous trucks that are revolutionizing the trucking industry.
  • Self-driving vehicles are tested in a variety of other applications, such as delivery and ride-sharing.

In its early stage of development, the self-driving vehicle market is still making a lot of progress. Companies are investing heavily in self-driving technology, as is the government, which is working to create a regulatory framework for the deployment of self-driving vehicles.

It will also play an essential role in transportation in the coming years.

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