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LiDAR or Camera for Autonomous vehicle?

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The situation is intense with ideas bombarding various experts across the world to have the best possible way of addressing the issue with a driverless car, i.e. level 4 and level 5 AVs. AVs Camera or LiDAR.

Fully operation able and like a human driver, level 4 and level 5 vehicles are supposed to be driving. However, the reality is much different from intense rivalry and competition leading the companies to jump on the latest tech but with limited resources.

The fact for the driverless car is the collection or gathering as much data as possible to smoothly operate the hurdles or difficulties present while driving or changing lanes, or even the signals, obstacles in any form of an object crossing the road any mishappens which can be tackled by a human driver.

Accidents are something that we cannot avoid and happen even with humans when they are not in an appropriate position to drive a vehicle but the main goal of AVs is to overcome such habits or mishappens.

One another fact is which one to use, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) or AVs Camera. The simulation environment data or real-world data. The reality of AVs is not as rose-colored tainted glass.

Even though new start-ups and already established companies are showing their presence and getting up to date with the technology. LiDAR is not a stand-alone solution as it does create a 3D map solution for the AVs to detect their surroundings with information related to the object, however, the AVs camera system provides the visual recognition of objects that can be used by AI to analyze at a higher accuracy.

As a human, do I rely on my visual sensory information or on ranging and detecting to make an accurate decision while I am walking, running, or driving on the streets? Reading the signs on the road providing a more reliable type of visionary system. However, cameras fail to provide better information with images in bad weather conditions and it is not enough to avoid danger.

The discussion about collecting real-time data or simulated environment data is also making noise around the corner. Safety is a major concern that somehow emphasizes collecting as many real-time scenarios as possible from real-world life.

In my opinion, a driverless car with level 4 or level 5 is somehow becoming expensive for everyone to explore. It is no doubt going to be an utmost desire for any technological enhancement and development that how far we arrived in the futuristic world.

Somehow, the cost will play a major role and may not be a cup of tea for everyone to explore. But, it depends on new solutions, maybe cost can also be cut down to some extent.

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