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What market drivers are beneficial for sensors in the automobile industry?

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As per, Thomas Tille (Hrsg.) (2018), there are essentially two positive market drivers for sensors in the automobile market: –

  • Established markets (North America, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc.)– High levels of optional equipment are featured in these markets with electronics more in terms of comfort functions, ADAS (Advanced driver- assistance systems), advanced security systems and intelligent lighting systems.
  • Markets growth (China, India, etc.)- These markets are although characterized currently by low equipment levels, better-equipped automobiles are in demand, more electronics are in demand and thus actuators and sensors are also increasing remarkably.

High market penetration with basic sensors for engine and transmission management and safety systems are characterized by established markets as they are an important emission standard and required for safety.

In total, a very high level of electronics is guaranteed in every vehicle where automobiles in the market segment are representing a driver for adapting advanced functions to enable finally automated driving. The government with legal regulations has NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) ratings which are a major influence on the security systems and sensors acceptance.

Source:- Trends in der Automobil-Sensorik.

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