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What is the market size for global automotive v2x for AV’s fleets?

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The role of AV fleets as a provider is just not for connected services. But the focus is on communication with motor vehicles as well as traffic lights. Bicyclists and pedestrians. The global automotive market size for AV fleets shows the current scenario.

As we can see with the latest improvements in the latency period. Crossing the obstacles of being delayed in communicating with other pedestrians. The reliability and low-latency V2X communication were enabled by the 5G networks.

By 2024, the expected vicinity of the installed base of V2X-equipped vehicles are 11 million units. Whereas the anticipated market for global automotive V2X technologies is set to grow.

Seven times more between 2018 and 2025. It is expected the market for global automotive V2X for AV fleets in 2025. It will be a six billion US dollar value. For an autonomous vehicle, the market size for global HD maps is expected to be 20.4 billion US dollars.

In my opinion, with AV, maps or HD maps have also opened a bigger opportunity. To grow in size and explore the market with new options and innovative ideas.

The market opened the door for automotive companies to explore a new horizon with more informative HD maps.

I mean Google Maps are definitely being used more by any android or IOS devices. But the more clarified and more innovative HD maps can be produced.

With more real information about the traffic light system. And predictions about the faster. Or quicker routes or even future possibility that at which time.

Which route will be the best way to travel? Or the deliveries can be done on time is something to look forward to with a possibility of more advanced HD maps along the line of new AVs.

Source:- Statista.

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