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How much mileage is covered by Autonomous cars in Europe?

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The ride in the Autonomous cars are gaining high and so does the world is rising high in its expectation about the mileage it can cover.

It is needed for any vehicle to provide a certain mileage and is something that needs to be checked with an Autonomous vehicle in Europe. Is it worth it to spend so much money and invest in an Autonomous Vehicle?
The forecasted mileage for 2030 covered in different types of Autonomous cars in Europe is:

The predicted mileage of Autonomous cars in 2030.

In my opinion, the mileage will be a questionable issue for any market to score and absolutely for any industry to make a mark in it.

Somehow, the Autonomous shared vehicle excels as compare to the self-driven shared vehicle which is a huge plus point for any European shared vehicle market as compare to the private vehicle that is Autonomous or if it is Self-driven.

Source:- Statista

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