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Oxbotica uses AI in the metaverse for their venture involving autonomous cars

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Oxbotica, a software company that specializes in autonomous vehicles (AV), is utilizing artificial intelligence in the metaverse to hasten the safe and effective introduction of AV technology while lowering carbon emissions produced by real miles driven by automobiles.

Oxbotica MetaDriver is a collection of technologies that includes real-time data expansion, automated scenario discovery, and simulation of virtual worlds.

It is intended to aid in resolving three fundamental AV queries: “Do I perceive it right?” “Am I doing it right?” and “Can I trust myself at this moment?”

Paul Newman, Founder and CTO at Oxbotica, says: “Oxbotica MetaDriver is a suite of tools that offers so much more than straightforward simulation.”

“Using the metaverse in this way provides us and our customers with practically unlimited test challenges, revolutionizing how we are accelerating AV commercial deployment to make the earth move.”

“Oxbotica MetaDriver allows us to do the hard miles without the conventional need to physically drive the miles.”

“The autonomous vehicle industry has become over-indexed on the number of miles traveled as a synonym for safety, but what we care about is coverage of hard cases, not the endless miles endured. Oxbotica MetaDriver addresses this in a new and exciting way.”

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