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What is Platooning?

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The new technical word is the most used technology in the autonomous market. In Platooning, minimum two vehicles are used that drives in a tight convoy on a freeway. The system is supported by technical driving assistance and control systems.

The vehicles in the platoon system are linked to each other by an electronic “drawbar”, using vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The mechanism when used in the vehicle system is done with one of the vehicles being the lead to set the speed and direction that let others to follow.

The electronic coupling ensures the road safety. The system supports the sustainable mode of travelling ensuring to fuel save for the entire platoon system through slipstreaming.

Currently in Germany, DB Schenker is working on the real road traffic test between Munich and Nuremberg. The professional DB Schenker drivers replaced the test drivers on the wheel. An intensified theoretical and practical instructions were received from the MAN ProfiDrive specialists.

The truck platoons project received a total of 2million Euro’s funding for developing the scientifically technological advanced platoon project.

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