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What is the projected global market size for Vehicle to X technologies until 2040?

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Vehicle to X technology is considered to be one of the important allies in an autonomous vehicle where the real-world communication exchange between the vehicle and the round the corner or through the walls warning is assigned for any sorts of hazards or accidents and thereby it can be prevented.

The communication happens via Wi-Fi or mobile radio. The information exchange is also possible with traffic lights or even information about roadblocks or road development.

Most of the vehicles are equipped with an assistant in collision prevention, assistants in a radar-based system, or even the driver are warned about any risk of a collision. Also, it will be a spectacular moment to see driverless cars are parking themselves at their allocated parking spot or parking garage.

As per the survey conducted by Goldman Sachs across the world, the projected market size for Vehicle-2-X technology are:-

Projected market size for the vehicle to X technology
Source:- Goldman Sachs, Statista

In my opinion, the data is strong but is it true for developing countries. Can we see such technologies be on-road even in a country where the survival value is less than $1? It is round about an innovative approach and controlling traffic and letting the vehicle handle everything is no doubt a piece of ice on the cake but would you like to depend on a vehicle so much?

Driving is also assigned as a skill to master and learning such skills is not easy stuff, can the future be so independent of such skills and just become a past thing that was low paid?

Source:- Statista

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