What’s the role of sensors in Autonomous vehicles?

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The various types of sensor technologies used in autonomous vehicles are used to perceive different environments, and based on the surrounding input, logical decisions are made as an output.

Multiple integrated sensors directly determine the use, performance, and safety of automated driving vehicles.

Sensors used in AVs are critical to the perception of their surroundings. The localization of the vehicles for proper planning of the path and making correct decisions ensures controlling the motion of the vehicle.

The important roles played by sensors in autonomous vehicles are: –

The main purpose of sensors is the perception of vehicle surroundings in an automated driving system. It utilizes multiple vision cameras, radar sensors, LiDAR sensors, and ultrasonic sensors for perceiving the environment.

It supports providing a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings. To detect roadblocks, positions, speed, or direction of other vehicles, detect pedestrians.

Sensors are also powerful for determining the location and map of the surroundings. It works with a combination of GPS, inertial measurement units (IMUs), and visual odometry. The sensors support position and orientation.

Sensors are also powerful for object detection and tracking. Laser beams are used for object detection and creating a 3D map of the environment. Radar sensors are used for detecting objects and determining their distance and speed. Cameras are used for providing additional information such as colour and texture.

One of the prime goals of AVs is to provide safety for pedestrians and other people by avoiding collisions and other hazards.

Sensors in autonomous vehicles are vulnerable to weather conditions affecting their performance, which is also a major barrier.

The role of sensors is very critical and crucial for the autonomous vehicle to achieve its goals and prove its performance is worth it, mainly due to the need for safety and feasibility.

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