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What are the SAE levels in the driver assistance system?

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The autonomous driving system has been classified into different driving modes. The six levels have been classified by the society of automotive engineers (SAE levels) are:-

  • Level 0 autonomous vehicles are without any automation. The control is completely on the driver. The only support is provided through acoustic signals for parking or blind-spot warning system.
  • Level 1 autonomous vehicles help the driver to support steering or accelerating or braking. Examples are the lane departure warning system or adaptive speed assistant with distance control.
  • Level 2 autonomous vehicle provides steering wheel intervention support with control in speed. The vehicle can autonomously accelerate or brake and it is in the same lane at the same time.
  • Level 3 autonomous vehicles can take over the complete control of the car in the set situation. The vehicle’s system can request the driver to take control of the car such as after clearing the traffic jam.
  • Level 4 automated vehicles where the occupants are not intervened completely. But the vehicles are equipped with manual driving facilities.
  • Level 5 autonomous vehicles are also completely in automated driving mode but no need for a steering wheel or pedals in the vehicles.

The classification provided a way for an auto manufacturer to exploit their options. It also helps the customer to know what sort of Avs are they purchasing. Also the interest in such Avs. The cost also plays a major role in level 4 or level 5 vehicles.

If the customer just one to experience an AV with level 2 or level 3, it may be economical. The manufacturers also can limit the use of software or sensors as per the level classifications.

The definition of SAE as per the Federal Highway Research Institute is the lowest level named as the “assisted mode”. The vehicles under such lowest level need to be monitored by the driver for support. The vehicle designed up to level 3 is known as the automated vehicle where the driver intervention is needed and sleeping is not possible. Whereas level 4 and level 5 are known as autonomous vehicles where the driver is allowed to sleep or be completely busy with his/her work.

Source:- SAE

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