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Which countries will be the market player in self-driving cars?

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Self-driving vehicles, it’s not even a decade, the new technology is riding the waves like anything. Most of the advanced countries are jumping high to join the league of driverless cars. How many countries are capable enough to sustain?

“When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars, people said ‘Nah, what’s wrong with the horse?’ That was a huge best he made, and it worked.” By Elon Musk

No doubt, autonomous vehicle in ICE or electric vehicle segment, is in huge demand. The countries are hungry to explore the new experience either in private ownership or shared ownership.

As per the IHS Markit, it is not the US, but China is expected to be the market leader in autonomous vehicles. It is expected that the country US to reach 7.4 million units in 2040. However, with regulations being favourable, strong domestic demand, heavy investment in the private sector, and rapid advancements in AI, China is flying high to the top of the charts.

The reports suggest that around 14.5 million AVs are going to be sold on an annual basis in the country by 2040. With McKinsey estimating revenues exceeding US$500 billion in mobility services by 2030.

Alphabet, Uber, and Lyft will be the first to launch the AVs on the roads to get the mobility service fleets experience. Consumers are expected for hands-on experience with technology.

As stated by Mary Barra, Chair and CEO General Motors-

“The key with autonomous is the whole ecosystem. One of the keys to having truly fully autonomous is vehicles talking to each other.”

Due to unfavourable regulations for public use, Europe is expected of individual ownership and the annual sales are estimated at 5.5 million in 2040.

Except for Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada, due to unfavorable situations, AVs will be launched late in the rest of the world. The adoption of AVs can be seen as limited or even negligible.

In my opinion, even though it is a gift from the technical wizard world, but it should be used mainly for a wider audience with special needs. The best usage was seen in the 2021 Olympic match held in Tokyo. Japan made the statement in Olympics match with its AV shuttle service, it is not behind in any situation.

Source:- InDepth eMobility 2019

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