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Which service providers are interested on Autonomous Vehicles?

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Even though it was Tesla who initiated the project (driverless vehicles), however, the need for such advanced technologies has not been limited to the auto manufacturer but also the fleet service providers.

Who are finding the solution to be quite innovative and a profit-making platform. The top service providers interested in driverless vehicles:-

Uber: The US-based ride-sharing service company with more than 110 million users across the world. A subsidiary company, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) is developing autonomous cars that are owned in a minor way by Softbank, Toyota, and Denso. The company formed an alliance with Volvo Car Group for developing self-driving cars. The company partnered with Nvidia Corp and Volkswagen AG to form the graphics chipmaker’s artificial intelligence platform and also in partnership such as carmaker Tesla and China’s Baidu to expand its technology for self-driving cars. The company is also working with Toyota Group to develop self-driving cars. 

Lyft: One of the largest transportation network holders in the US with an aim for autonomous car technology and collaborating for autonomous car development ad automakers. The company formed a joint venture with General Motors. It also announced a new partnership with Boston-based self-driving start-up NuTonomy. The joint venture will be launching a limited series in Boston using Lyft’s app. The company announced its joint venture with Ford for self-driving vehicles on the ride-hail service’s platform by 2021. Magna also announced its multi-dollar partnership to embark on a self-driving system to build level 4. Waymo also partnered with Lyft for self-driving vehicles to create its ride-hailing network in Phoenix as the Robo Taxi service can see its commercial success. 

Didi Chuxing: It is one of the largest transportation networks in China where the company expanded its business across the world, from Southeast Asia, India to Brazil. The network indicated its reach across the horizon with the present atmosphere supporting the shift to self-driving cars. The Chinese ride network agreed to an agreement with Volkswagen so that a purpose-built fleet of VW vehicles is launched. The company also expanded its partnership with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd (GAC Group) for smart driving and also autonomous driving. They also joined with AutoX so that they can launch their autonomous ride-hailing projects. 

RideCell: A transit software is offered to the mobility industry where the company provided the software platform with offers on service and applications on autonomous vehicles. The company is in partnership with DeepMap with the license deal with Swedish trucking company Einride. The company is in strategic partnership with Dataspeed Inc. which is a globally established solution provider to enhance autonomous vehicle safety. 

Grab Taxi: It is a Singaporean transportation network company that includes peer-to-peer ride-sharing, rides service hailing, and food deliveries offering services. The company is in partnership with the leading software developer nuTonomy for self-driving cars. 

In my opinion, the major benefit will be in the service industry as the cost of labor will be reduced with efficient, secured, and safe service and facility. The service providers in driverless vehicles shows strong benefits in service related to humanity.

However, for such a high-tech car, the price of commutation is something unpredicted and needs to be worried. Anyway, it’s a major boon to society and a mass segment of people. 


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