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Do you know the situation of Autonomous vehicles in Europe, the USA and China?

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As per a survey conducted by PwC and Statista estimates, the situation in 2030 can be seen as being conquered by China. The competition to win the global market as well as be the top tech player in the international market can be seen aggressively being conquered by China.

A completely new concept but then also in 9 years timeline, the roads of china in 2030 is expected to be seen with the driverless car in a shared or privately owned manner.

Autonomous vehicle in a shared and private vehicle.

The situation also provides the growth of the autonomous vehicle industry but also which country will be known for its technological advancement with respect to the autonomous vehicle manufacturing and development of the software.

However, results also show that people in China are more accepting of exploring the new concept related to autonomous vehicles as compare to its counterpart in Europe and the USA.

The traffic policies, rules, and regulations also seem to be quite convincing towards such new technology. The new conceptual autonomous vehicle is definitely making its mark more profoundly and in a solid way.

Source:- Statista.

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