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What is the situation with the driverless system till 2030?

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The market volume of driverless systems in 2025 is expected to be 187.8 US billion dollars. And 2030 is 270.2 US a billion dollars. Autonomous vehicles are divided into two types. Autonomous shared and private vehicles. The market expected to be launched with both types of autonomous vehicles. It is by 2025 with an increase in the number of registrations by 2030.

The number of registered vehicles launched by 2025 is below 2 million. As compared to 2030, the number is less than 6 to 7 million in both shared and private autonomous vehicles. In 2030, the region is most expected with the higher number of registered autonomous vehicles in China.

The number exceeded more than 10 million (sometimes overpopulation to help for the seller to have an increasing number of buyers). As compared to the US, Europe is predominately holding a higher position. Then the USA where the number is higher than 6 million registered.

In the case of the autonomous vehicle, if you are looking for a privately-owned passenger car. Then Europe is holding a higher position with driverless cars. Around 20 million autonomous passenger cars forecasted in Europe. Whereas in the USA it is 10 million and in China, 20 million.

In my opinion, the numbers are going to affect due to the current pandemic situation. The way people lost their jobs, resulting in an economic loss or financial crisis. It is definitely going to take a toll on the automotive industry.

During the crisis period, if your basic needs are not met, then nobody will think of going for luxury. But the shared autonomous vehicle does have more chance to be market. And be used more by the passengers or consumers compared to the local consumers.

Source:-PwC, Statista.

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