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What is tele driving?

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One of the important variants in autonomous driving is teledriving. It means to control the movement of the car by remote control.

A technology company known as Vay, based in Berlin and Hamburg started the new concept of using certified teledrivers for tele driving to assist the customers to pick up and bring the car. The concept is fulfilled with the help of driver assistance systems.

The concept is also supported by Hamburg’s senator Anjes Tjarks from Transport and Mobility change. The company Vay collaborated with Hamburg’s senator to showcase the future possibility in Hamburg.

The company is also involved in merchandising the brand into sharing vehicles models where the customers can be remotely handled without being accompanied by the drivers. They can be picked up again from that same point.

The concept is in line with less road traffic and reducing noise issues. It also handles the CO2 emission issues. The company aims to integrate it into Hamburg’s transport service networks.

The Vay plans to start the services in Bergedorf to complement the public transport services to commute the work in the outskirts.

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