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Are you ready to accept the Tesla cameras remote streaming on your mobile App?

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Tesla cameras remote streaming services— seems like a controversial situation in terms of the GDPR act.

Tesla launched its new smartphone app update with the feature of external cameras of the vehicle to be directly streamed from the smartphones.

The highly controversial guarded Tesla vehicle mode can also be operated with the Tesla app. The function is available with the new software updates. Currently, it is available on iOS devices.

The connection is highly secured with encryptions provided to block the access of the car manufacturers also in regards to images.

The app provides the provision for the Tesla drivers to monitor remotely the public areas. The app’s video can also be saved and recorded.

However, the situation is concerned with the GDPR issues as well as the privacy and safety concerns. Even though the app is encrypted, will it be safe for future use?

How far the situation is out of the problematic zone?

Are you interested to use the app?

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