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How TIC and Autosar are integrated?

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TIC and Autosar are integrated where communication with the charging station is with Ethernet using a special powerline communication hardware. As per the vehicle network or the driver inputs, the integrated software performs where the data is received via Ethernet and the Controller Area Network (CAN).

The interface is provided with the service software component application with examples like the Memory Manager that offers the managing of the stored data as a possibility in the flash memory. For example, it uses the process of certification, handled by the certificate handlers. As the powerline communication protocol is not defined in Autosar, it can be implemented with a complex device driver.

The communication and the crypto modules are used by the device driver for a secure and authentic TCP/IP connection with a charging station.

During the development or operation, errors are found with the diagnostic log and trace modules from the diagnostic stack that is helpful. The same stack has been used with modules to implement diagnostic services and their error codes are stored in the memory to detect error when it occurs.

An OSEK-based Autosar operating system, in the end, is controlling the complete system. The functional safety requirements are allowed up to ASIL D to be met where ECU is integrated with itself that begins with a start-up.

The microcontroller initialization is included with all drivers for internal and external components. The configuration of the main part is related to the microcontroller abstraction layer modules (MCAL) that include the MCU configuration, the CAN, and the Ethernet driver modules.

In parallel to it, the software components have been designed with an already TIC(Telemotive Intelligent charging) functionality that is existing to be carried out. The developers for this purpose are creating the necessary components in the software component design view of a Capital-Vstar-Integrator (CVI). The TIC module that is included in a basic software configuration is operating with an ECU configuration view of the Vstar Integrator.

The operating system tasks have been created to perform the functions of the application and their priorities are set. Configuration parameters are set by each of its own modules. Numerous values have been defined by Autosar where an ECU configuration generator is supported by the tool. As per the ECU extract input, it defines that configuration values are set automatically.

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