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Which top 10 AVs are waiting to enter the global market?

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The market is not oblivious to the Global AVs market race to be conquered. It is not just the technology but also the design places an important role. The market not only opens a creative field for auto designers to show their talents and skills. But also present the customer to choose as per their need and budget.

  1. Instinct

A 4-Door,4-seat Peugot SEDAN and Cloud-connected multimedia system with machine learning technology. It has got a power of 300 HP, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, 4 driving modes with 2 manual modes and 2 fully autopilot modes.

It is featured with a drive boost and relaxes mode. In autonomous soft mode, the ride will be set for slower mode and the sharp mode is designed for faster cruising.

Instinct Global AVs market
  • iNEXT

An autonomous with steering control feature. With an ability of vehicle-to-vehicle communication with all electric, 4D-Printed. And AI technology being the most important part of the concept of AV’s global market. A full functional autopilot vehicle with prediction feature about what is happening on the road. With a driving assistant feature.

iNEXT Global AVs market
  • Sedrik

A Volkswagen autonomous vehicle with 4 passengers and all electric infotainment features. It is with no manual operation and rear-wheel drive assistant. It is a driverless taxi with cameras, radars and laser sensors. It is located in the rooftop to experience the road condition.

Sedrik Global AVs market
  • Oasis

An all-electric vehicle with voice, gesture and recognition feature. The car is from Switzerland with an autopilot. And self-parking function and cloud-based AI. It also got the feature of vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Oasis Global AVs market
  • Next 100

A Rolls-Royce vision, all electric 2 passengers seated with AI featured AV vehicle. It has got no steering wheel with machine learning capabilities. The vehicle has been designed with focus on luxurious segment class. i.e., for powerful people in the world. The length of the car is 20 feet. It is designed to feel the comfort. And luxurious way of lifestyle. It is designed with voice command.

Next 100 Global AVs market
  • F 015

A Mercedes-Benzes hydrogen electric car with a power of 272 HP. It is 2 electric motors with a torque of 295 LB-FT. Acceleration of 0-60 MPH in 6.7 seconds. With a mile range, 685 miles. It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle. It is a 4-seater passenger car, facing each other. The AV is available in autopilot mode. But if the passengers want. It can take the charge of the vehicle.

F 015 Global AVs market
  • eTruck

A Mercedes-Benzes urban vehicle with all electric power vehicle with 340 HP on a range of 125 Miles. With Torque value of 737 LB-FT and battery power of 212 KWH. With a highway speed of 85 MPH and a car-to-car communication possibility.

eTruck Global AVs market
  • Eve

It is an all-electric autonomous vehicle with an adjustable interior in a luxurious car segment. It has got wide launching door to have access to the cabins. The interior is provided with inclined seats inside the all- electric vehicle.

Eve Global AVs market
  • Concept-I

It is by Toyota with a built-in “YUI” AI ROBOT. Planned to be launched in 2030. It is designed with very advance features including interactive interface design. And Biometric indicators for analysing. And an Auto-pilot mode. It got luxurious interior design segment with futuristic streamline body.

Concept-1 Global AVs market
  • Portal (Chrysler)

It has got a reconfigurable seating and interior design with 6 passengers. And full autopilot mode. It is an all-electric vehicle with a range of 250 Miles. And fast charging capacity. It is designed with multiple docking stations for cell phones. And tablets, built-in selfie-cameras and its own WIFI. It has got facial and voice recognition features allowing the customers to customise. As per their own preference. It is designed with an autopilot mode.

Portal Chrysler Global AVs market

In my opinion, Portal is something everybody can go for it. It completely satisfies the passenger vehicle segment. However, Rolls-Royce’s introduction in the electric global AVs market is something worth wait for it.

They definitely maintained the class of manufacturing vehicle for higher class or luxurious class segment of people. It was something innovative of introducing the vehicle for only 2 passenger seats but definitely with a modern AV concept. The experience of being a king is also enhanced.

Source:- Top 10 Self-Driving Electric Cars and Autonomous Vehicles Coming in 2020-2050

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