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Why should I trust an autonomous vehicle?

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It is something in everyone’s mind!

Why change the driving style and get rid of the in-control of a vehicle. And ride with pleasure and completely trust a vehicle. That is running on a bunch of sensors and devices.

The age sound interesting and hype. I would say WoW. It is finally not just in the science-fictional films. But a part of the real world. The belief of not going through those driving license procedures.

But then just enjoy the ride at a maximum. With a full command under your wing. Are we over-dreaming? Or it is just a dream comes true reality?

Trusting any modern devices. Or gadgets need an enormous amount of data protection. And concerns not get deviated or get hacked with all the vital information. But also good communication between the crossing.

It is not just in traffic but on highways. Or long routes. The world is definitely changing. And making it believe that what we thought is going to happen in the future. It is happening right now… exactly at this moment…. Just that COVID-19 shouldn’t wipe out the complete civilization.

Or something Thanos’s finger did (It’s inevitable). Not just the current or younger generation. But also a certain percentage of the older generation can get the experience of something beyond anyone’s imagination.

Autonomous vehicle

In my opinion, around the world, 55% of the worldwide citizens trust unexpected situations. It will be taken care of by the autonomous vehicle. And remember it, a crucial unique selling point for the concept.

It is to even get orders from the Government. Or the authorities to have them legally on the road in concern to the safety protection. The major problem with the drunken driver.

Or not in stable condition, leading to the delusions resulting. In accidents or unavoidable experiences. It is something that seems minimized very well with the AVs.  

“Safety” More than 100% agreed to it. Hope it will not be a disappointing factor. And become rubbish to be thrown out of the roads.

Source:- Capgemini

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