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Voice ordering with uber eats

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“Delivery is continuing to surprise us positively as demand has remained resilient in a reopening world and we expect topline growth and profitability to expand through 2022,” Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO, said during the company’s Q1 2022 earnings call

As per a Bloomberg report, “As of March, DoorDash continued to dominate the delivery segment with 59% market share, while Uber Eats remains the second largest company with 24% share.”

However, Uber Eats is making big moves in the stadium compared to its competitors.

Uber eats started its service with English-language capability to order services that are integrated with Google, allowing customers to say phrases like “ OK Google, order food from Sweetgreen”.

When the app pulls up, the guest can place an order with the requested restaurant via voice. Google Assistant will confirm the order details, and the customer can change or submit the order hands-free through the app.

The service is available on Android devices.

Source: restaurantdive

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