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What is Valet parking in an Autonomous Vehicle?

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There are conventional ways of parking that are convenient for a conventional vehicle.

But what about Valet parking?

It deals with the independence of the vehicle to drop the user at its convenient destination and returns to its parking spot to park itself autonomously i.e., autonomous valet parking.

The aim is to reduce the effort and time required by the driver to park a vehicle after dropping the ride at its destination.

The valet parking facility improves various amenities and opportunities such as the number of seats, net access, capacity, and multi-media.

The price for different vehicles can be different as the services will be different. Depending on the car size as well as the conventional rental car services, the prices may differ for each vehicle.

One such example of autonomous valet parking are: –

Bosch supplier, who is working on the driverless parking system in a multi-story car park in the USA. Ford is also involved in such a parking system. Real estate company Bedrock is also involved in Detroit for autonomous parking garages in the US states.

Bosch is not just in the USA, but also in Stuttgart, Germany, the company is testing its Automated Valet parking in a multi-story car park in collaboration with Daimler.

Bosch is demonstrating the Automated valet parking technology based on remotely controlled technology installed permanently in the parking garage to access vehicle technology. It is based on Laser radar, i.e., Lidar technology. But the future involvement of camera technology can also be seen by Bosch.

Source:- Introduction to Automotive Engineering; WiWo

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