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What is the view in Greece towards Autonomous vehicle?

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The parameters used for the survey are: –

  • 70.8% of the Male and 29.2% of the female.
  • 55.7% for 18-30 years old; 16.4% for 31-40 years old, 13.9% for 41-50 years old, 7.9% for 51-60 years old and 6.2% for above 60 years. The daily commute mode is Automobiles, Public transportation and Walking/Biking.

In the first survey, the knowledge about the Autonomous vehicle is checked where more than 70% of respondents have heard about the latest vehicles.

Autonomous vehicle in Greece
Figure 1

In the second survey, opinion is checked in regard to autonomous vehicles, and more than 55% have agreed to autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicle in Greece
Figure 2

In the third survey, opinions in regard to new automation technology are checked, whether solutions are provided by many problems or not, life is made more complicated, wasting of too much time or the importance of keeping oneself up to the new trends.

The results show positive indication towards new automation technology where it is seen as a new solution provider and to stay up to the latest trends of Autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicle in Greece
Figure 3

In the fourth survey, more than 60% agreed for adopting new automation technology.

Autonomous vehicle in Greece
Figure 4

In the fifth survey, concerns regarding data privacy and cybersecurity are shown were more than 40% have shown concerns in some range whereas 11% don’t feel the need to be at risk in showing concerns towards it.

Autonomous vehicle in Greece
Figure 5

In the sixth survey, the likelihood of Autonomous vehicles has been shown and how they are present in the market.

Autonomous vehicle in Greece
Figure 6

Source:- The research was done for Transportation Research (2018); Department of Telematics and Informatics, Harokopio University of Athens.  By Ilias Panagiotopoulos, George Dimitrakopoulos.


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