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Why not a Volvo 360c Autonomous car?

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Have we ever thought of sleeping inside a car while the vehicle is reaching its end destination? Or wake up to experience wonderful sunrise while you are driven to your holiday destination in an autonomous car?

Yes, it is possible! And not just some loony doomy concept being sold out to you.

Volvo 360c is raising the bar high. The vehicle can be used to discuss business meetings. It can be used for family dinner or it can be used also for long drives where you get to enjoy the pleasure while sleeping or being comfortably taking a nap.

Why not take a nap from the office while you are being driven to the next city for an early new meeting?

What about giving a private presentation to your senior executives and having a coffee?

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The all-new fully autonomous vehicle with a high level of Radars and Cameras integrated to make your life more comfortable without any stress of driving…. Why not?

Source:- Volvo

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