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How Volvo and New Motion are cooperating on charging points?

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Charging points have become a new venture for a lot of manufacturing units. More and more accomplished players and even new bids are playing their roles and jumping significantly onto the concept of charging points.

As the electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicles have captured the market and are in much demand so has the need for more charging stations with advanced technology.

The role of charging stations also created a profitable market where various options tailored as per the customer needs can actually create a long-term financial benefit which later on may be beneficial.

The charging solutions supplier for electric cars is installing charging points with measuring and calibration regulations. The charging capacity for Volvo is 22KW, which helps in making the charging eight times faster than any conventional sockets.

The new motion provided the facility that entered into a partnership with Volvo Car Germany for electric cars. The meter used for measuring the electricity is in check with the charged energy. It is also provided with charging cards and an app.

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