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What is the new development with VOLVO in the US?

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The race to conquer the autonomous market is now not just in their home market but also expanding around the world. Volvo targeted its international expansion of the AV market in level 3 in California, US by the mid of year.

The automated driving assistance system is known as “Driver Pilot” has been launched as the successor to the current edition of all new electric Volvo XC90. The technology is designed for autonomy level 3 where the driver needs to be ready to intervene in emergencies. The speed range of the Volvo vehicle is limited.

Currently, the technology is in the testing stage in Sweden. The relatable data need for Europe and the USA is been collected by the manufacturer. The current target of the manufacturer is the USA whereas no dates have been assigned for the European countries.

The retrofitting of the system to another Volvo car is not possible. The Volvo car is equipped with functionalities such as: –

  1. All-round vision system with 30 sensors

The sensor technology and software used in Volvo are from the companies such as Zenseact and Luminar. It includes wireless technologies over-the-air updates. The sensor technology is embedded with more than two dozen sensors with the software that are working together. Iris lidar is one of the prominent sensors used by Luminar. The vehicle is equipped with 5 radars,8 cameras, and 16 ultrasonic sensors.

2. Drive pilot activated by subscription

The concept is mainly for the business people who like to be active in the morning time. The technology assistant system is temporary or permanent depending upon the subscription model. A laser scanner as a sensor technology is also used along with the radar and camera. The technology is expensive.

If we look into the European market, Volvo’s competitors, Audi and Mercedes are also planning to launch their level 3 technology in Germany soon but facing complications with legal necessities. Volvo is also in Autonomous electric buses, Autonomous trucks, and also autonomous electric haulers.

Source:- Automobile Industrie, Volvo group

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