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What’s the new plan from Volkswagen?

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VW and Argo AI are jointly testing the self-driving technology, platform ID. Buzz AD. The ID. Buzz is a self-driving prototype.

According to Automotive News, “It is not a further development of the ID. Buzz, but about a special vehicle.”  head of VW Commercial Vehicles Carsten Intra. The target groups are robot taxi, delivery, or shuttle services.

In 2025, a new set of series by the minibus will start in to production as a robot taxi from the VW mobility brand MOIA in Hamburg. As per Carsten Intra “By 2030, similar services will be implemented in 50 cities in Europe and North America.”

As per VWN CFO Michael Obrowski, “In the USA, cooperation with providers such as Uber and Lyft are conceivable in Europe VW wants to offer the services itself.”

“We plan to break even before 2030” in Europe where they want to be the direct providers.

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