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What AVs are creating in the market?

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The race to achieve the fully autonomous vehicle on road, i.e. Level 5, is getting intense where Tesla promised to deliver it by the year-end. It’s already November till no sign, however, the situation in the vehicle, AVs market indicates where the automotive industry is heading on.

The change has just not disrupted the original pioneers but got the attention of companies who are in the consumer electronic segment. One such empire is Apple.

One of its forthcoming projects was to challenge Tesla’s fully autonomous vehicle but having no experience in large mass production and no skills for vehicles on road is somewhat tough to penetrate the market. Apple joined its collaboration with VW and focused more on AI software rather than developing its car.

The market for AV created an opportunity to come up with a more authentic AI software solution for a fully autonomous vehicle. The focus is not anymore on just design or brand but on the latest technology.

The AV market created an opportunity to create a partnership among the strong players from two different segments. The collaboration of such segments indicates merging and exchange of knowledge and experience gathered in their respective.

Hence providing a new platform to combat the ongoing competition or the race to the new futuristic look of the vehicle industry. However, Microsoft with its windows technology also joined in collaboration with Nokia to hit the smartphone market and challenge its current player. The result was a disaster and somehow Nokia didn’t survive the competitive market.

The AI software more or less provided the platform for the engineers to come together and challenge each other experiences to create new and advanced algorithms for vehicles to operate as a human.

Apple is focusing mainly on the development of its own AI software by hiring top engineers which shows how skills can be used from different segments to solve a challenging task. In some way, Tesla got its upper hand and is moving ahead with its autonomous vehicle (Level 5) much faster than anyone else, but it will be worth seeing those vehicles on the road.

Maybe they can create a formula race with AVs, which got the best technology that will be worth seeing in an open challenge to win the finishing race

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