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What is the effect of an autonomous vehicle on customers?

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New invention results in new trends and new technologies always try to bridge the gap by providing a meaningful solution. So, is the scenario with autonomous vehicles bridging the gap with various groups of customers but does it create a sensation with excitement or plays havoc of fear with uncertainties among its customer is a question still to worry about?

If we look back, middle-age period or the timeline in the early 1900s, the invention of the first automobile would have pulled so much reaction with fear, excitement, awe, or whether it is going to last for a longer period and take over the traditional way of commuter. If people are opting for such transportation then what about the recent jobs of the person driving the horse carriages or the person who is responsible for the horse maintenance?

What will happen to their job and how the new invention is going to take care of and mitigate the loss of such employment. Don’t you think they also faced such an uncertain situation with a rebellious attitude to such technology?

Customers can be seen as the creation of entrepreneurial skills. Usually, if the technology is providing an easier and healthier solution then it is going to last for a longer time but the validity of which class or groups are going to enjoy such technology is totally up to the manufacturer. Even we have a group of normal or I would say the traditional vehicle, we got a Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini that are totally designed in the luxurious segment for a certain above-average class of people. So, no complaints about that!

A fully functional autonomous vehicle in the market will add an experience of reducing some burdens and making it easier for huge consumers, usually the benefit reaping group will be the baby boomers age.

If the launch of the vehicle is successfully done within the expected timeline then maybe some elderly generation. Even disabled people are considered in the group where they can enjoy the long driving with self-driving behavior for pleasure or work. It is definitely a phenomenal thing to experience and who won’t like to participate in crossing over the seas for long miles.

In my opinion, something every customer is waiting to see and experience them live on the road but how far it is going to meet the expectation is something to test on the road in the future of the autonomous vehicle.

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