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What’s there in the future for Autonomous vehicles?

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As per the report by Business Wire, Research, and Markets, the market size of AVs across the world is 60 billion US dollars. The production scenario of Robocars is in high growth and shows high demand in the customers.

The rise of the production also shows the ADS components will also be available in the market. The production is as per the need and requirement of the vehicle and strategically fulfilling the SDGs, so being an eco-friendly car is proving to be worth adventure.

The forecasted number of AVs
Source:- Yole Developpement

In my opinion, the production number shows the demand in 10 years and the Robocar is something not just going to pass by but something going to last in the market. However, it depends on the consumer, how well it will be received in the market and its function justifies its significance in the market or not? So, it can only be seen once it is launched in the consumer market.

Source:- Statista (Autonomous vehicles worldwide)

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